The Project

Funded by the European Union's Erasmus+ program, the DIGinLOGS project adapts to European, national and regional priorities: the digitalization of vocational training and the creation of quality jobs by improving the qualifications of future workers. The project aims to strengthen international collaboration networks to design and implement digitalization training in innovative logistics that anticipates the future for teachers, the employed and the unemployed. For this reason, logistics experts, AFT (France) and CIFPA (Spain) have joined forces; in e-learning training, Action Synergy (Greece); and in digitalization, INYCOM (Spain).

Online Training

Introduce innovation and best praxis regarding the pedagogical design and the implementation of online training.

Labour Market

Improve instruments and strategies of collaboration between the education and the productive sector and be able to adapt professional training to the constantly changing needs of the labour market.


Greater motivation of the participating staff, greater visibility of the activities of each partner, expansion of their collaborative network and creation of sustainable networking opportunities

The Process

Each organization has designated a work team consisting of as many people as they consider necessary based on the tasks and activities they must perform at different times and phases of the project.

The Results

The tangible outcomes of the DIGinLOGS project are associated with the establishment of a sustainable observatory over time, the development of a digitization itinerary in logistics, as well as the programming of ICT modules and the design and implementation of courses in asynchronous online mode.





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