The Process

Each organization has designated a work team consisting of as many people as they consider necessary based on the tasks and activities they must perform at different times and phases of the project. Each work team will consist of at least two people, one belonging to the Project Supervision Team and the other to the Implementation Team. The person in charge of each partner belonging to the Implementation Team has collaborated with specialist colleagues according to the need in each phase of the project and the availability of said staff.

Each partner, under the leadership of one of them at different stages, has been responsible for contributing to the results of the project by carrying out the activities in their field. The lead partner has designed tools for data collection and analysis and has guided the groundwork in each phase (programming design, pedagogical design of course content, testing plan, etc.) and has monitored the process and progress of the work of the rest of the partners.

The entire project has been coordinated and supervised by the main coordinator, the Innovation Centre for Vocational Training of Aragon.


Start February 2022
Final February 2024

tasks and responsibilities

The division of tasks and responsibilities has been carried out as follows.

Phase 0

Project preparation. Leader: CIFPA - Kick-off meeting online - Establishment of the main bases of the project. First transnational meeting in Zaragoz (April-June 2022)

Phase 1

Analysis of needs and definition of the training pathway. Leader: INYCOM in collaboration with all partners – Surveys have been developed with teachers and the productive sector. The data obtained have been analysed and the itinerary has been defined. A needs detection report has been prepared and the first learning activity on the different techniques for investigating the training needs of the logistics sector has been organized by INYCOM (April 2022- January 2023)

Phase 2

Development of the training programme of itinerary.. Leader: AFT France in collaboration with all partners. AFT provides a guide to the completion of the training programs of the modules, laying the foundation for programming. Each partner prepares the training program of the selected module (competencies, learning outcomes, contents, timing, methodology, evaluation) A comparison of the training that exists in logistics in the three countries has been developed to integrate the contents of the modules of the itinerary. A sharing and correction of modules has been carried out and the second short-term training activity has been organized. Templates have been developed to analyze the pedagogical resources to be used in each module and to agree on the structure of the courses. (February to April 2023)

Phase 3

Content development Leader: INYCOM in collaboration with all partners – The pedagogical design of the content has been established. Didactic material and infographics (presentations, PDFs, podcasts, etc.) have been developed, as well as practical tasks, quizzes, and knowledge control tools. Second transnational meeting held in Athens (May to October 2023)

Phase 4

MOOCs, tests, evaluation. Lider - Action Synergy S.A. Greece in collaboration with all partners. The definition and involvement in the testing of the target group of each partner is carried out. Ongoing evaluation during the testing phase - Analysis of feedback from participants and the entire testing phase. The test is carried out with a single link to the satisfaction survey, to see the results of the four modules and obtain the graphs of the complete itinerary. The modules have been tested by 120 people in Spain, 27 educational centres, 10 companies and the Innovative Logistics Association of Aragon. (November- December 2023)

Phase 5

Dissemination/Sustainability Leader: CIFPA Spain. Implementation Team activity reports. Consolidation of a partnership network with regional companies and VET centres. Preparation of a sustainability plan. Elaboration and implementation of the dissemination plan. Celebration of multiplier events for each member. Ongoing support and regular updating of the project website is planned. Design and printing of dissemination materials. Holding of the final conference in Zaragoza (January-February 2024)

Transversal phase

Project management Leader: CIFPA Spain - Maintenance of the project's common database - Preparation and execution of coordination meetings - Lead and carry out the communication and monitoring plan of the project - Preparation of the interim report - Lead and carry out the Financial plan - Preparation of the final report - General evaluation of the project ( February 2022-February 2024)